SoundCloud remains the key discovery platform for electronic music

SoundCloud stays the essential exploration platform for electronic songs as well as is progressively vital for damaging new ability across all genres– providing YouTube an actual run for its loan in that division.

With attributes like groups, reposts as well as boosted private messages, it offers better chances for networking and content sharing than its competitor. Yet it still appears that numerous people want to buy SoundCloud followers— from beginners through to well recognized tags and also artists– don’t totally understand ways to get one of the most out of it. Inspect these necessary SoundCloud tips if you intend to use the platform to its greatest.

Genre tagging
A quick glance through your stream on SoundCloud of users you are complying with will certainly disclose a great deal of valueless tagging SoundCloud suggest that you pick your first genre tag very carefully from the list of genres in their Explore area, as this will certainly enhance the chances of it showing up in these genre-specific searches and browses.

SoundCloud style tagging.

After the initial one, it’s advised to relocate from common terms like ‘real-time set’ or ‘interview’ through to more certain ones that reference the content of your upload. Make sure you include all pertinent terms– such as the names of musicians and also tags included and also anything else people may search for. Utilizing one tag just implies you’re missing out, as does utilizing humourous tags that no-one would certainly ever before look for.

Track description
After the upload’s title as well as your selected tags, the track description is your next chance to increase your track’s searchability. Include names of sustaining DJs or featured artists and also links to their profiles, any kind of relevant information concerning the upload, testimonial quotes and also connect to anything you wish to cross-promote. Again, one-line or empty track descriptions are all as well regular. Make sure to update your track description on release day if you have published clips of a launch before it’s out.

Get links
You could add a connect to get your release in the Metal section of your upload type if you’re a Pro individual. If you’re posting clips of launches before they appear, make sure to utilize either a pre-order link (some websites like Juno and also Trackitdown use these), or at least link to your label’s page on your selected merchant. In this manner, even if you fail to remember to update it on launch day, individuals will certainly still be routed to the launch– albeit one additional click away. See to it you include this web link in the very first line of your track description also to make sure that it’s difficult to miss out on. Finally, go down a link to the launch while remarks of the upload and order some of that realty as well.

SoundCloud Acquire Link

Buy soundcloud followers

When launch date comes, switch out your pre-order or label web page link to the link for your launch on your picked seller– remembering to produce a special trackable link through, TinyURL or similar if you want to track where your sales are being driven from. Usage Google’s LINK contractor to produce special links for various campaign sources– like email, SoundCloud, Facebook and so on– and then reduce them utilizing one of the aforementioned services so they are simple to duplicate and paste and track stats for. Selecting an URL like [launch catalog number] could make it less complicated for you to send out links around without having to replicate as well as paste long, unmemorable URLs.

SoundCloud Purchase Web link

You could in fact use the Buy Link attribute to guide individuals to any type of LINK you desire– so maybe utilized to link to tickets for an occasion that you have actually released a warm-up mix for, or to a link to download and install the track completely free using an information capture form. Be creative and constantly connect to something.

Including tracks to teams
Groups were the very first manner in which SoundCloud allowed customers to advertise their sounds on the site beyond their very own followers. Search for groups appropriate to your material and join as lots of as you choose. Then include your uploads to them. You can add one upload to as much as 75 groups You could additionally consider saving doing this up until launch date if you have actually published sneak peek clips in order to offer yourself a second reach increase.

SoundCloud groups.

It’s fairly surprising how many people operating in the electronic spheres of songs still have no idea concerning SoundCloud reposts. Based upon the same suggestion as Twitter’s retweet device (the symbol even looks the same), reposts represent the greatest game-changer on SoundCloud for a long time. Pushing the repost switch on an upload or playlist includes it to your public account’s stream of sounds– as well as consequently, drops it right into your followers’ home streams. Utilize it to repost material you like, content from pals and coworkers you intend to support and points you are featured in or involved with. Ask good friends to repost your uploads and supply to return the favour– they can always ‘unpost’ it after a day or two if they do not want it to appear permanently on their account.

Soundcloud Reposts

Soundcloud Reposts

As well as remember that if you’re a Pro user, you could use Limelight to highlight your most important uploads and also maintain them divide from various other individuals’ web content that you have actually reposted into your stream.

Be creative
SoundCloud isn’t really just for tracks and mixes. It’s for any type of audio content whatsoever. So why not be more imaginative with how you use it? Message audio adverts for nights you’re promoting, give away samples or stems for individuals to remix for competitions, upload sound interviews, area recordings, tour journals, spontaneous suggestions or illustrations …


Abstract – Neverland (ft. Ruth B) (Prod. Blulake)

Abstract – Neverland (ft. Ruth B) (Prod. Blulake)

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How To Download Soundcloud Songs As MP3 (WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX)

How To Download Soundcloud Songs As MP3 (WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX)

In this Video i show you how to download every song from Soundcloud as MP3. It works on WINDOWS / MAC and LINUX. Its much easier to use then Programs – like the Soundcloud Downloader – you have to install on your Computer and works on every OS which supports Firefox / Chrome or Opera. If you use Firefox i recommend you to directly get the Soundcloud SUPER +2: Downloader and Recommender Add-on for your browser. You can install it via your Browser by clicking on Extras and Add-Ons ( CTRL SHIFT A ) and search for “Soundcloud SUPER +2: Downloader and Recommender” and hit install. After you isntalled your Soundcloud Downloader Add-On for Firefox you will have the same effect as with the Greasemonkey script.

Here is the link to the userscript:

If you use firefox you will need greasemonkey!

UPDATE: better use the Firefox Addon (you need nothing else then this)

Links to the browsers:

Djuro – Drop That Bass (Original Mix)

Djuro – Drop That Bass (Original Mix)


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Dozing Off …

Dozing Off …

Ayo everyone! Coming with another mix for you guys – so let’s just kick back and chill! Links for all the artists below!

~ Tracklist:
0:00 nobu loops – takara silva ’88
1:01 jhfly – sheets
2:55 HM Surf x Lucid – Mt. Moon
4:07 s o u l o u e – in the air.
5:13 leaf beach – sky high
6:55 driver – drifting
8:31 tkdwn. – state of mind
10:38 aimless – sometimes . . .
11:38 jinsang – bliss
13:07 arbour – pine
14:43 hurlum – aye sun
16:30 mt. marcy – braids
18:50 s o u l o u e – clouds.
20:17 leaf beach – keef
21:53 tusken. – nashua
23:29 bessone – calm.
24:46 Letsruntrack – Thunderbolt 404
26:18 eevee & Made in M – Lone
28:57 Bob Le Head – goodnight
30:10 knowmadic – someone
32:24 Caleb Belkin – dreams
33:30 chief. – who knows
35:45 s o u l o u e – images.
37:01 Toonorth – Dragonfruit
39:45 TSURUDA – for matthew
42:55 jax – no time like.


nobu loops:


HM Surf:


s o u l o u e:

leaf beach:







mt. marcy:





Made in M:

Bob le head:


Caleb Belkin:





Gif is from ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’

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Kygo – ID (UMF Anthem 2015 & Fifa 16 Soundtrack)

Kygo – ID (UMF Anthem 2015 & Fifa 16 Soundtrack)

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Aphex Twin – Selected Soundcloud Works (2015)

Aphex Twin – Selected Soundcloud Works (2015)

00:00 – 1 chink 101
05:38 – 18 with my family _
09:48 – 13 high hats tune tamclap orig
16:15 – 17 kids beach
21:11 – early morning clissold
27:07 – d15-10 dulcimer dub
33:01 – 21 forgotten T
38:34 – 19 slow early morning
43:23 – sams car
48:24 – 14 floating
52:25 – vibert remix 5 edit max c
57:30 – 15 sekonda

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MNEK X Disclosure – White Noise (XYconstant Remix)

MNEK X Disclosure – White Noise (XYconstant Remix)

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Photo : Alexandra Spencer for “Revolve Clothing”

APC 40 Dj Set (

APC 40 Dj Set (
just picked up this beautiful beast. Its gonna be nice to be able to have the option of djing gigs with this thing rather then lugging my turntables around every-time I play a gig. FOR INFO ON WHAT EFFECTS I USE, PLEASE LOOK THROUGH COMMENTS



#1 Community Funkerman (Denzal Park Bootleg) by Deadmau5 Vs Funkerman

#2 Party Like Us by AC Slater

#3 Can’t Take What I got by B. Rich

#4 Technologic (Kids At The Bar Remix)

#5 Show Me Love (AC Slater Remix)

it cuts off cause i accidently pressed the stop button 🙁

Soundcloud: Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Music!

Soundcloud: Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Music!


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Blessed/Mercy – Blunted HipHop Beat (Free Download On Soundcloud)

Blessed/Mercy – Blunted HipHop Beat (Free Download On Soundcloud)

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